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Taste Japan at a Sake Brewery Part 1
Nov 10,2017 Comments 0

Enjoy a Taste of Japan at a Sake Brewery

A trip to Japan is not complete without a visit to a sake brewery. The traditional Japanese rice wine has been part of the culture since before recorded history. Taste history—and one of the country’s best beverages—with this guide.

Where to Go

There are several regions in Japan renowned for their sake brewing. The mountainous region of Niigata, north of Tokyo, is considered by some to be the center of Japan’s sake production. The Shinano River has resulted in exceptionally fertile rice cultivation. Even farther north, Aomori is another well-known region for sake brewing, where the combination of cold temperatures, pure water and high-quality rice provide optimal conditions for perfect sake brewing.

But you don’t even have to leave Tokyo to enjoy a sake brewery. Consider visiting Ozawa breweryNakamura breweryTamura breweryIshikawa brewery, and Toshima brewery, all centrally located.

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