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Everything You Need to Know about Tachigui Soba Part 1
Sep 6,2017 Comments 0

tachigui soba

Japan's First "Fast Food"

Food in Japan’s train stations is more than easily accessible: it's also tasty, quick, and an opportunity to enjoy cultural traditions. For example, tachigui soba is the perfect meal for travelers on the go. Simply translated, tachigui soba is “stand-up-eating soba,” and it is commonly enjoyed in train stations and on train station platforms. In fact, most stations or stands serving tachigui soba do not have any seating because the noodles are intended for fast consumption.

Ordering Tachigui Soba

Tachigui soba is a quick, easy, and satisfying meal. Many consider tachigui soba Japan’s first fast food, but this experience is far more interesting than your typical drive-through meal. Ordering tachigui soba is just as fun as eating it. First, you choose and purchase your desired soba style from a ticketing machine outside of the tachigui stand. Your ticket will only cost about 400 to 800 yen per bowl. Hand your ticket to the chef inside and within minutes, a satisfying bowl of tasty noodles will be ready for your stand-up enjoyment.

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