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Everything You Need to Know about tachigui soba Part 2
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Kake Soba


How Is Tachigui Soba Made?

Soba is made by processing buckwheat fruits into soba flour, then mixing the blend with water and kneading it into long, narrow noodles. A variety of combinations are available, but all are served boiled and tossed in broth with your favorite ingredients. Popular tachigui soba bowls include tempura, tofu or meat, and wild plants or raw egg. Ramen and udon noodles are also available at many tachigui soba stands.

Tachigui Soba restaurant close at station

How to Eat Tachigui Soba

Eating noodles in Japan is a fun experience for any kid or kid-at-heart because you get to practice one particularly bad table manner—slurping! That’s right, while eating noodles in Japan, slurp and slurp noisily. Think of this as a way of thanking the chef for making you a great meal.

Once you are finished and it is time to board your train, place the tray on the counter or give the tray to the staff inside the shop. 

You’ll find numerous tachigui soba stands in train stations throughout Japan, ready to serve you quickly and leave you satisfied before traveling to your final destination.

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