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Japanese Capsule Hotel Part 2
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Why are Japanese Capsule Hotels Popular?

Recent trends have seen an increase in the popularity of Japanese capsule hotels. In large part, this is due to their affordability. Likewise, these accommodations are appealing thanks to their flexibility and wide range of alternative designs.

Who Typically Stays at a Japanese Capsule Hotel?

Vacationers on a budget and businessmen and women on-the-go find capsule hotels appealing. Likewise, these hotels cater to urban creatives and travelers who prioritize affordable luxury and eco-friendliness. Moreover, millennials often find capsule hotels an ideal solution to their travel needs.

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How Do You Use a Japanese Capsule Hotel?

Guests can expect to follow a fairly standard procedure upon check-in. First, remove your shoes and place them in a locker. Then, get a capsule assignment and correlating locker for personal items. Afterwards, it is common to take a bath and change into more comfortable clothing before retiring. Once inside your capsule, close the curtains for privacy. Keep in mind, smoking and eating are not allowed inside capsules.

Consecutive night stays are possible. However, guests must still check-out each morning and check-in again at night. 

Many Japanese capsule hotels also offer English-language instructions, allowing for ease of use for Western visitors.

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